Just A Floating Peanut.

In sports there’s a common metaphor of “Hitting the sweet spot”. That moment you make the perfect swing achieving the best result.


When you watch someone excellent at what they do, it inspires us to be harder, better, faster, stronger, never over.

While there are those whose hearts are set from day one, their paths carved out, destinies plotted against time for all to see and acknowledge, there are yet those who, the longer they stay on earth, the farther they get from where they thought they would be.

A man named George Washington Carver once knelt before God in secret and asked, “God, what is the purpose of this world?”

God replies,”The answer would overwhelm you. Ask me a question more your size.”

So G. Wash asks Him, “God, what is my purpose on this earth?”

“Still too big for you.”, God says.

G. Wash pauses, then looks up and asks, “God, what is the purpose of the peanut?”

Carver went on to develop and exhibit more than 300 uses for the peanut.

There is a tailor-made task only you can do that honours God, helps others and thrills you. You don’t have to go looking for it, it is in you.

When you travel on a long journey, what is your packing priority? Appropriate clothes for the weather and choice of activity. Before He set us to earth, God has packed into us ALL that we need for this journey. We have arrived fully equipped.

 He has filled them with skill to do all kinds of work […]

Exodus 35:35

God is good, in that He lets our greatest challenges award us our biggest victories. Without the boll weevil insect destroying the major agricultural plantations in the early 20th century, there would be no need to look for an appropriate crop alternative then our world would very well be peanut-butter-less.

Thought for the day: Ask Him to reveal what to do with your peanuts.

Inspired by Max Lucados’ The Cure for The Common Life’ and Roshie J.


I try: 找到你的花生。

Note to self: Find a better place to keep office access cards.

Thinking of: Cory Monteith, bergaya and dove eyes.


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