The Number 26

I usually save the best for last but this can’t wait. Best part of my birthday:

Father-Daughter Selfie Level 1000


Yes, that monopod belongs to my dad. Yes, he is that much more cooler than me.

Two Six. I’ve stepped into my late twenties.

It feels… like my early twenties. Either I’m growing up really slowly or people make too big a deal out of birthdays and getting older.

Last year I made a short list of what 25 years had taught me. I guess I should build on how that has changed or stayed the same in the last year.

1) Intimacy with Jesus. This is obviously still top priority but this year I feel a developing love for His word. Where you can pour your heart and soul to Him and He speaks to you with His very own handwriting.

2) Family is important. Family is still important but family prayer is even more so. Mountains move and demons friggin’ flee when a family stands together to send the thousands to flight.

3) Treasure your friendships. In regards to friendship, I’ve had trouble keeping them, yes, but I’ve had more trouble building friendships with the opposite sex. The male mind is a place I’ve only criticized and judged from afar. Waking up one day and realizing this is a bad thing has led me to take on this challenge; build friendships with all genders without discrimination or fear.

4) Appreciate time. Learning about time from Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, C.S. Lewis, Sheldon Cooper etc. really has opened my mind up to viewing time in my own personal way and where once there was conflict, now Time and I have a mutual understanding of each other’s roles in the scheme of the universe.

5) Don’t rush into relationships. OK. I want to say to all the single ladies asking God for a relationship. At this point of God answering your prayer, celibacy is by choice and singlehood is by divine intervention, your choice to stay pure and set apart is the process God needs you to go through before the next step. Don’t waste time waiting for prince charming, live each day under His guidance of what He needs you to do. Yes, it’ll be a struggle on some days but that’s why He said His grace is sufficient, He IS enough for you. And though there will be tough days there will be more contented days because you’ll know as you look to Him, He will surely supply ALL your need. When you do get into a relationship, you can bet your bottom dollar it will be so you can be a blessing to someone else and so your relationship will work in favour of God’s plan for the universe. Yes. The Universe will be a better place when you follow God’s timing. So chill out, pull up yo’ drawers, turn off Vampire Diaries and get out of the house. The truth fruit is out there. If you’re feeling lonely, just fb me, two is better than one 🙂

Finally) Trust Jesus. Yes and Amen.

The number 26 in the Hebrew gematria has a few meanings. This is what I summarize my 26th year based on what I’ve found out about the significance of the number 26 in the Bible:

It’s a year I reach a sharp peak. It’s been a steep climb but I’m finally at the sharpest peak. He makes me as surefooted as a deer, enabling me to stand on mountain heights.

It’s a year to join together so I foresee many moments of iron sharpening iron. 26 means festive so I know every day will be a celebration. It’s my year to create and explore and take after the likeness of Him in whose image I was made in.

In the pleasantness and wealth, there will be days I feel dejected because of the severe weight of burden. But when I am tempted to deceive, be it people or myself,  I choose instead to look at every broken glass as a window out, every deep hole as a stairway to an underground subway. Just because you’re travelling below surface level doesn’t mean you’re not getting to where you need to be.

At the end, let every sore and smile glorify and honour the One who came to give me life and it in abundance.

Thank you notes:

Thank you my family for loving me and pampering me more than I deserve. For surprising me with balloons, Starbucks green tea frappe, the best cake ever and most importantly, your presents. Sorry, I meant presence. Also for entertaining me with helium. Thank you this guy, you encapsulate the Malaysian Indian genome in 17 seconds. Bravo.

Thank you to friends who took the time to remind me I’m worth the phone call, the money, the text, the fb message.

Special thanks to: Parents, Lara-manyanya, Pastor Mark, Doctor Uncle, Brian and my cell. I’m better off because of you 🙂 Oh! And Yves, you totally made my hair. And day. I wish I could take you home with me then I’d have perfect hair all the time.


Note to self: Call friends on their birthdays instead of texting.

Side note: Number76 is the best salon I’ve been to. Amazing décor, friendly staff, useful hairstylists and applause-worthy service.


Love each day. You’re born for such a time as this.


Thinking of: Tanggal tiga-puluh-satu, Howl’s Moving Castle, my first Disney jigsaw, lunch at Gentings, badminton with the professional amateurs, jail-breaking Mission Q and all good things.

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