Filmophile: 3 Idiots





So good.



I was utterly impressed.

This movie has been recommended to me for a long time but I had no interest in it until my mum started the whole, “We never spend time anymore”, “Watch a Hindi show with me”, “You’re Indian, start watching Indian movies”.

“Fine. If I watch this show with you, will you leave my ‘How I met Your Mother’ and Brooklyn Nine Nine’ alone?”

No regrets, bhaiyya. No regrets.

This movie is a life lesson. Bravo to the screenwriter. Intelligent, intelligent script writing. Brilliant humour. Sprinkled with a little melodrama but, hey, which Indian movie isn’t?

I highly recommend this movie.


Aamir Khan’s acting was not just good, it was great. No. It was vell. Very vell done.


The storyline was well-crafted. All the right lines in all the right places. Appropriately-timed flashbacks. Minimal, if any, confusion.


Aamir Khan gets up to teach the class on learning and proves that real learning comes from a thirst for it, not the swallow-chew-spit program.


Love to learn. Learn what you love.



A little lengthy but worth it. Watch it with people. At least when you cry, they can hand you the tissues.

Pursue excellence, and success will follow, pants down.




Question: How much money do they spend fitting fans to blow Kareena Kapoor’s hair on set?


Thinking of: Rawang in a bit, a little Rancho crush, the fire is increasing and All is vell. All is vell.

2 thoughts on “Filmophile: 3 Idiots

  1. SO GOOD!!! hahaha, I’m making everyone around me watch it tooo! funny story, i was having dinner with my dad, mum and bro and I was so excited I asked my dad, “Pa! Have you seen 3 idiots?” And then he looked around the dinner table and I said, “Wait, let me rephrase that, have you seen THE MOVIE TITLED 3 IDIOTS?”

  2. This is one of my all time faves!! =D How GOOD is that show?? I made brad rewatch it with me a while ago too and he loved it too!!

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