Number 11

I joined the BERJAYA Film Competition in September this year and the results just came out. We didn’t make it to the Top 10. I actually don’t know where our ranking is in the competition.

I was really bummed, for sure. A little voice in me said, “Guess you’re not cut out to be a filmmaker.” Then a more angry, louder voice said, “Says who? Whoever got anywhere in life without hard work and failure? Success is not in winning but rising every time you fall.”

Here’s my inspiration behind the concept; Life is short. So are Opportunities. While the world told me to treasure Opportunities when they came, it conveniently left out what to do after I’ve failed. It didn’t tell me every once in a while I’d let a good Opportunity go, and the Regret would eat me up a little on the inside.

No regrets.

That’s the mantra I was fed with. But it’s impossible for me because I have made some pretty crappy decisions that made me feel like I want to call Marty and Doc, build a time machine, steal the flux capacitor, go back into the past and retrieve that part of me.

The last two years have taught me Regret visits often, but in his wake, learn. Learn to make better choices, learn to not define yourself or let others define you by your past mistakes. Learn to tell Regret off when he rears his ugly head, “I can’t be bothered with who I was. I’m too busy being who I am.”

Be yourself. Only better.

Fitness First

I want to say thank you especially to my sister, who never kept honesty from me and who kept me going everyday and encouraged me daily when I wanted to give up on myself. Thank you for telling me that I could’ve been number 11.  Thank you Roshie for praying for me all the way from Sri Lanka and believing I can make videos that make a difference. Thank you for my team for the support from day 1. Thank you to those who shared your own interpretations of TIME and helped add to the idea bank. And thanks for all the feedbacks from my unbiased viewers.

Note to self: They said your metabolism was working against you but you worked hard to keep fit. They said you couldn’t pop naturally. They said it’s hard for women to do chin-ups and a few months ago you couldn’t do a single chin-up but now you can do one and a half. They said you can’t harmonize, you can’t learn Mandarin, you can’t play by ear. Now you can do all the things they said you can’t. It just took a bit more work because it didn’t come naturally.

You love telling stories through videos. It’s immoral to give it up just because you need improvement. It just takes more work because you can do so much more better than where you are at now. And this time, join a competition which is age appropriate for you. Stop cheating, for b’gosh sakes.

Never give up. Never surrender.

Galaxy Quest


Thinking of: The next idea!

2 thoughts on “Number 11

  1. you did a great job! 🙂 and i truly believe you will be a great filmmaker one day! Thanks for the reminder, im sure you have impact several lives without you knowing. Continue to create ripples of change with your passion next time it will be a shockwave. Keep looking forward! 😉

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