Filmophile: Big Hero 6


I’m so excited to review this movie that the moment I stepped home from the 9:45pm movie that got me home at 12:19am I didn’t even go to the bathroom I just got on my computer and started blogging.

Didn’t even go to the bathroom. Man, ain’t nobody got time for that.

It is now 12:20am and my pleasure to tell you this movie is worth holding in your su for.


DISNEY YOU NEVER DISAPPOINT! Okay, not true but I forgive you for Brave, Brother Bear, Cars, etc. For every crappy Frozen you have made up with the Wreck-It-Ralph’s.

What can I say, this movie is both adorable and charming. A story of a young boy genius who befriends a giant health care robot. That just says it all. Somewhat predictable storyline, yet definitely heart-melting. The script may externally seem childish but there is a very deep and important message they are sending about people who are grieving or going through depression.

Simple advice: Hug someone who needs it. Support is very important in helping somebody become emotionally and mentally healthy.

Can I say bravo to the animators for the well-proportioned aunty.


Finally a body I can relate to–Oh wait…



There is no one on this earth with those kinda chicken legs. It’s like this honey missed leg day, arm day, cheat day, eating day…

Anyway, it’s really Baymax that steals the show. You have to watch it to get what I mean.


Okay I rate:


Why not 5? More importantly, Disney, wai you always kill off the parents? More importantly, wai kill off handsome older brother? I will not tolerate family homicide from you anymore!

I loved how they inserted the different methods of dealing with grief and depression. Such an important reminder for all of us that love and support for one another is really important. Instead of living in a society where we’re constantly weeding people out or cutting them off, we need to learn to forgive and embrace.

That is all.


Okay, I really got to go su, so do watch it and leave comments on how you felt about it. I want to know what you, my friends, think about this movie.

Note to self: So it’s wash, cleanse, tone, pre-moisturize and THEN moisturize?!

Thinking of: Just using Dettol for my face, Aashiqui 2’s Chahu Main Yaa Naa, Hillsongs’ Wake, all these weird dreams of digging through garbage, running marathons with mummy and smoking shisha with 9 year olds, re-watching old Hindi films, how badly I want to be a part of the Disney filmmaking team, why Frasier is looking more and more attractive to me and how I’m vibrating with excitement for worship this weekend!

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