2015: Shake it off.

6 days have passed since 2015 came forth in an array of illegal fireworks.

6 days and only now I’m finally sitting down to pen out my thoughts of the year that has slipped and the one to come.

I have totally forgotten about my 2014 resolutions and thus must, in shame, carry them over to 2015.

Reading my letter to myself, I can’t tell if I’ve become that girl I wanted to see by the end of 2014 but I know I’m better than I was a year ago.

My theme this year, is to Shake It Off and Move On.

Why? Because Taylor Swift music has prophetic power. Over the last few months I’ve had people I consider good friends cut me off, take advantage of me and even discourage me by telling me I’m not cut out for my line of work. Because words have the capacity to kill and actions speak louder than words, I am raising an awareness for myself to not let haters take the front seat.

Note to self: Don’t let anyone tell you you are not cut out for what you love to do. This destiny is God’s gift to you and your journey is with Him not with some toothpick who has not invested into your future,

Trust God that He will keep the people you need and  protect you from the ones who will rob you.

For every lie that has hurt me with rejection, God has demonstrated His love for me to perfection.

For every mouth that has spit on my worth, there’s a God who has defined me in His word.

2015 has so much potential that we must shake off anything that will stifle it. Including  reminiscing in glory days.

Jesus doesn’t often tell us to remember specific people but He tells us to remember Lot’s wife. Looking back and living in the past will paralyse you and turn you into a pillar of salt, only good to be trampled on.

Nobody drives on the highway while only looking in the rear view mirror.

Nobody walks backwards as a means of getting anywhere, or walks forward while looking back the whole way. Unless you’re in the circus. Even then, at least you’re trained and get paid.

Life is like a bus. Some people get on, some get off, some stay the whole way but no matter what the bus must carry on all the way until it reaches its destination.

Shake it off. Move on. If you must be anchored, be anchored in Him.

I have hit the ground running and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy 2015!

Thinking of: Paris, Kakautey, Reddington’s sexy voice, Gone Girl and Shout of the King.

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