2015 Resolutions and the Letter 2

This year I’d like to become more active with what I love to do. I resolve to not push aside my hobbies. Not to get more subscribers but to one day look back on my youth, with maybe my kids on my lap and let them know, life was fun. I lived doing what I love, regardless of the likes.


  1. Reach 100 subscribers on Youtube. Currently at 79.
  2. Do 2 tutorials
  3. Learn a new skill
  4. Go for a mission trip
  5. Do a Taylor Swift cover
  6. Try to keep Kakautey alive. The normal lifespan of a Christmas cactus is 175 years. Being a plant that thrives on neglect, Kakautey should live well into his greying years in my care.

2014 Reso’s brought forward to 2015

  1. Record 2 dance videos, one showing what I’ve learnt in popping class.
  2. Donate blood. For goodnesssakes, how hard is it to do this.
  3. Complete 8 chin-ups. Currently at 2 and a half.
  4. Write fourth page of novel.
  5. Learn how to tie-dye.

2015 Reso’s

  1. Record another short film
  2. Direct an Easter drama
  3. Send in an application to the film school of my choice
  4. Get 8 jobs this year for GREENSCREEN
  5. Read at least 6 books
  6. Illustrate at least 6 pictures
  7. Plan a family trip

Here’s what I achieved in 2014.

Dear 31-Dec-2015-Sumi,

Don’t overthink. Don’t overfeel. Don’t be greedy. Don’t be angry. Don’t talk so much. Actually, you know what? Scratch all that. Be yourself. Be happy. If you want to over think, over think of others. Over feel for those in need. Be greedy for knowledge, angry at injustice, talk as much as you want as long as it builds and encourages the listener. Walk with God, you won’t regret it. This year is going to be good. I can feel it.

Love you,


Speak Less Listen More_8Jan2015

Thinking of: Throwing out The Stats, adding colours to the black and white and what is their friggin’ relationship?!

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