WonderLast: Sydney. Day 1.

It’s 4am. It’s been a long, tiring day all I wanted was sleep. I tossed and turned as the baby screamed bloody murder. The man on my left was blocking my way to the toilet and the Air Asia X seats are becoming increasingly uncomfortable with each passing moment. Why didn’t I take the aisle seat?!
In my frustration I opened my eyes only to be greeted by a tapestry of stars outside my window. I gasped at the breathtaking view.  They were so clear and close.  As if I could pick one if I could reach out. I had never seen anything like this before. I pressed my nose against the window and gaped in awe. The blanket of glitter was my undoing. This is why I’m here. Tears filled my eyes as I remembered the lyrics to an old song.  “Did You rise the sun for me? Paint a million stars that I may know Your majesty”

God, show me more.

It was so amazing I had to take a picture :


Good job Samsung.  Love the details the S4 provides for night pictures.

If you look really closely, I swear you can see the shape of the letter S.

Thinking of: Steven Furtick in a bit!

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