WonderLast: Sydney. Day 4 & AHCC.

I’m reminded I was in Sydney because I was thirsty, and they said there was a river there.

Our faith is unlike any other. It is important then to be thankful for the Good News given to us that we cannot keep it to ourselves. Many are begging for this hope we have so readily available. Because He lives, we live.

And to live in a way that attracts, not contracts. To be relevant and accepting of those whom society rejects. To pastor people in their weaknesses, not just their strengths. To love, even when you are not loved in return.

At this point where my prayers seem to be between life and death, I come before Him boldly and persistently.

What do I really want? And what cost am I willing to pay for it?

If we don’t build lives, we are going to lose them

Chris T.

The world is progressing, is the church procrastinating? Like the foolish virgins who were caught sleeping if we are not careful we will end up with a butt-load of traditions and no power to go with it.

God pulled us out of slavery not so that we could go back into the bondage of convenient Christianity.

Jesus, I pray for the keys to my city, that I may build You a house where all men may seek Your face there.

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