I knew a man who once described Malaysia this way; “Malaysia is like the kid who was born rich, talented and good looking but is too lazy and corrupt to maximize his potential.”

Oh how it frustrates us to see someone have it all and squander it away on bad choices.

Have you ever seen someone you envied and said to yourself, “If I had the same things going for me, I’d have done things differently than her.” As though if I had someone else’s life, I’d live it better.

I think that’s the mood dampener, knowing that you’d live her life exactly as you’re living yours right now.

You could walk a thousand miles in her shoes, it’d still be your feet.

So what am I doing with my life? More importantly, is it something effectively producing good?

There’s a story in the Bible describing how the Kingdom of God is like a rich man who goes away and leaves some money behind for his 3 servants to look after. Out of the 3, 2 of them returned a 100% yield. The remaining servant was fearful of the Master and buried his portion of the money. Upon returning, the Master congratulates the 2 faithful servants who brought him a profit and rewards them with more money. He rebukes the third servant calling him “lazy” and “wicked”and then punishes him.

I always knew the third servant was lazy because he buried his potential. But why was he called wicked?

Could it be that because God has given us these opportunities and talents, they were meant to bring Him a profit and bring Him fame? So when we don’t use our gifts, when we squander our money, when we waste our talents and potential, we veritably rob God of the glory that could be His if we did optimize everything He has given us according to our ability.

Taking away God’s gain; that, is wickedness.

This really got me thinking, what am I squandering in my life?

Inspired by Roshie.

Thinking of: Fresh Prince, fruit production, Aron Chupa’s I’m an Albatraoz and Jurassic World.

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