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Last Friday I attended ASCEND, the World Youth Prayer Assembly and a group of people representing 20 over churches came together to pray for our nation and for the younger generation. At some point we prayed the young ones of this day and age wouldn’t be snatched by distractions from their vision and calling.

During the prayer, I thought to myself, “With DOTA, LOL, Witcher and Nicki Minaj on the loose, do our young people have any chance of getting close to God?” A very real part of me arrogantly felt that these youngsters are so obsessed with themselves, their games, their selfies and snapchats that any ember of God’s prompting would be chunky salsa and they had no interest whatsoever in desiring an encounter with God.

Today, two testimonies I heard from 16 year olds just blew my mind away and slapped me right in my holier-than-thou face.

One of it was from a boy who recently lost in the finals of his school basketball competition. He was distraught because it was his last year and he felt he should’ve made the winning shot and he had all sorts of regrets, thoughts of failure and blamed God. But today he sat with me and shared how seeking God in the last few days has changed his entire attitude that this loss WAS necessary, “In the past I couldn’t live even one day without basketball. Basketball was my life. But now I want to feel that way about God. That I couldn’t live even one day without His word, one day without talking to Him.”

Another boy was on his way back home from a mission outreach trip in Nepal. During the flight, they experienced turbulence. In the turbulence, he looked out the window and saw lightning.

Where most of us would probably freak out and pray for mercy from gods we don’t usually talk to, this 16 year old saw the currents in the sky lighting up the darkness. And it reminded him of how Jesus said we are the light in a world of darkness. And we have the opportunity to share this light that no man or no power in the world can put out.

Finding peace in turbulence. Channelling disappointment into spiritual growth and maturity. Bringing a ray of light in the pitch of hopelessness.


How blessed I am to witness a new generation of hearts so readily willing to belong and abide in Him.

Your people will offer themselves freely on the day of Your power,
in holy garments; from the womb of the morning,
the dew of Your youth will be Yours.

Psalms 110:3

Thinking of: How He’s doing something new and Ps. Graeme Kirkwood.

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