Give it to Me I’m Worth It

You keep track of all my sorrows.

You have collected all my tears in Your bottle.

You have recorded each one in Your book.

Psalm 56:8

Why God does this, I’m not sure. Every time I read this verse I find myself imagining that I’m bawling my eyes out and He’s just there accumulating my tears and jotting them down. These thoughts often have a follow-up question of “Well, God, why are You just standing there taking notes of my aches? Get over here and do something about it.”

I cry sometimes when I don’t get it my way,

And because I miss the ones who chose to walk away.

Sometimes I regret the mistakes I can’t undo.

Sometimes I’m afraid I can’t see this life through.

I cry sometimes because I don’t want to do this anymore

I feel the suffering is more than it should be allowed for.

I cry when I see injustice;

a teen having his limbs chopped off because he stood up against ISIS.

I cry sometimes for my nation, the ones who are astray,

I cried for that boy who told me he loved me but really wanted to play

As a cry baby, one thing is crystal clear,

I need to learn the wisdom, of who is worth these tears.



Source: Levi

I have since learnt that He allows the tears to run freely.

Maybe it’s more therapeutic and cathartic than we care to admit.

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