BookWorm: Crash the Chatterbox

Yes, I have doubts. About myself, my looks, my career, my talents, my ministry, my relationships and lack thereof. I constantly accuse God ask myself if I even have what it takes to do what God has called me to do. It’s also at this time a phenomenon I call “Soz Media Newsfeed Goggles” takes place where it seems through a vertical list of photos and status updates we’re granted a temporary illusion that everyone else has got their sh*t together even though we know that opportunities given to others by God does not diminish God’s intention in creating us (funny how when things don’t go our way we become suspicious of God).

What sorts of amazing truths have we aborted because of the negative noises we allow to linger in our heads?

The best advice I’ve read in this book is that if I’m ever going to overcome negative thoughts, I have to first acknowledge that they won’t ever really completely disappear as long as I am in this world.

While that is in itself alone a depressing thought, we can certainly find hope in knowing that God really is the only One whose approval counts and that He has already proven it to us on the cross; freely and fully.

This book reminded me I need to constantly reinvest my energy into realigning my thought processes and that it is God’s love that is that engine of change. His favour is that extra push, that supernatural nudge that enables us.

The best decision we can make today if we suffer these thoughts is to stop engaging in the wrong conversations with the wrong demons people. We have no business considering with him. If the questions arise from within our own insecurities we must start answering them according to what God says, not what we currently see happening.

But I’d be a fool, a liar and hypocrite if I didn’t admit my inner antagonist does burst out during my times of crisis where I demand from my Maker to speak reason why as His child I suffer. But I usually end up sighing as He reminds me He is Lord, even of the storm.

You can’t be afraid to stare into the pupil of the possibility of pain and see it for what it is. Pretending it isn’t there or couldn’t happen is like popping a pill but putting off surgery.

I am not fearless. I do run away from Him even though I know He’s my help. But He seeks us out, and He whispers gently His assurance.

He whispers because He has no need to shout. He is that close to us. You can’t number every hair on someone’s head from a distance.

While He accepts us as we are, He’s working in us daily as we are being conformed, He gently reproves when we stray. We are liberated so that this change is possible. God speaks in the past tense concerning the battles we presently face because He has seen the end from the beginning. He sees all, knows all and yet chooses to dwell in the brokenness of our hearts.

But despite the brokenness, unmet expectations, unanswered prayers we can come into His presence with thanksgiving and with praise. Gratitude disconnects us from discouragement and empowers us to see our situation from a higher vantage point. It is re-interpretation, that at the end of the day everything we have is borrowed- even the very breath you took to read this.

I hope you enjoyed this short bit. This book has had an amazing influence on my life and I encourage you to read it too.

Thinking of: More book reviews to come.

Not thinking of: 2015’s unresolved resolutions. 

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