Littabita Humble Littabitta Cautious

It’s December already *whines* where did my 2015 go?

This is the time we do the spring cleaning, the charity, the Christmas shopping and we try to finish up the resolutions before January 1 hits and this whole cycle repeats itself.

It’s the end of our new beginning that we started 2015 with so much hope.

Also, it’s the time we reflect on the year, what we’ve done, what we’ve achieved, where we want to go, what we want to change. You know, the deep stuff.

Most importantly, how blessed we are to be alive and breathing.

I’m reminded today how it is indeed our choice to use our physical freedom to empower and to influence others in their freedom; be it spiritual, emotional or any other form. That it is our choice to protect one another. We are on the same team.

Sometimes people hunger for the food in our hands, have we been holding back?

Christ set the example of the most selfless act. God demonstrated His love that while He was unknown to us, we remained the objective of His reconciliation.

As His child, have I been selfless in my love?

If I’m not enriching someone’s life and adding value to the people who come my way, what in the blue hay am I doing here?

Life sure as I know isn’t about patting myself on the back and gaining treasures for myself to keep. The original benefactor of what I thought was a lost cause has laid down His own life so that I may know His heart of sacrifice and follow suit.

Well, I guess it’s time to suit up.


On a side note: My ‘Hit The Quan’ post has crossed the 10k mark. Thanks for all the support guys! Definitely feelin’ the love. Aiyo how to not love The Rock you tell me.



Thinking of: Ministry appreciation, Barney Stinson and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.



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