You Suck

Sitting on that floor watching them play basketball, I was distracted between the heat, the danger of getting hit in the face and being eaten alive by mosquitoes.

Ahh, mosquitoes. The insect version of Edward Cullen minus the glitter and mormonism.

Wai u here?

Is there a good reason you exist tho? Besides helping in the cloning of the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park?

So I googled “Why do mosquitoes exist” and it turns out they’re pretty darn important.

Important in population control while being held responsible for most amount of human deaths by deadly diseases such as malaria, dengue, yellow fever, etc.

Important enough that if we attempted to get rid of them now there would be a massive shock and consequently a negative impact on the food-chain-circle-of-life balance causing even the aquatic ecosystem to come crashing down around our ears.

Or so these entomologists say.

If what they claim is true, then even the insects so many of us despise and kill on a regular basis especially in these here hutan khatulistiwa parts have purpose and are so valuable.

Fun Fact: Only a small number out of the 3000 species of mosquitoes actually sting humans. The rest just like being close to us.

Also I found them in the Bible:

Doom to the land of flies and mosquitoes
    beyond the Ethiopian rivers,

Isaiah 18:1


Flashback: Remember Bzzit in Ray Man? I miss playing Ray Man..


Thinking of: S A T B S A T B S A T B S A T B S A T B S A T B S A T B S A T B S A T B S A T B S A T B


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