We Are Not Animals


My mother used to tell me, “Sumi, God gave you two ears and one mouth so you would listen twice as much as you speak.” Frankly, she still tells me that.

You know those silences between conversations? Yea, I used to hate that. Someone fill the gap, please. Even if it’s random rubbish that brings no value whatsoever to the group, just speak.

And when I was distracted in a conversation? I had to interrupt and change the focus of the conversation to said distraction, if not the moment will pass and you’ll forget what distracted you from the on-going conversation in the first place.

And when I had a thought in my head, I just spat it out. The experts say if you bottle it in you end up committing  homicide.  No need to think if it is situationally inappropriate, or if you would offend anyone in the group. Just say what’s on your mind, every fleeting thought unprocessed straight from head to mouth into the atmosphere of anyone within a listening radius.


Isn’t it funny, God isn’t anything like that. Nobody ever described God as talkative. Or easily distracted in a conversation, or that He has low EQ. In fact, the Bible describes Him the exact opposite; as One who listens; One who is attentive and remembers our frame.

My sheep hear My voice

Yet most of the time, I’m wrapped up in this one-way conversation where only I talk and He patiently listens.

psychiatrist copy

I think the best advice someone gave me recently, is to value His voice.

Well, God, I’m listening.

Inspired by Chris T.

On a side note: Poor gorilla 😦

On another side note: Why is every Meghan Trainor song so addictive?!

A little disturbed that these young girls and guys have to lick their lips and swing their hips at boys who ain’t givin’ up.

Thinking of: Castle, my last week on the worship team, my first week in the new office, screaming parents at Kidzania and feeling a little untouchable.

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