Flight Risk

In a world, there are the earth spirits and then there are the sky spirits. Earth spirits rely on the stability of the ground and spirits of the sky have this incessant need to wander off.

One rarely understands the other and thus for centuries these spirits have been at war.

For one that is grounded to be in the sky, even for a moment, she would need a million reasons to do so. And so it is that a lady in the sky would only give up her freedom to stay shackled in the dust if the price was right.

But one thing both spirits agree on, and that is if it came to that she would have to give up her place in the sky and her on the ground, the only way they will find peace, is if love is in between.

‪#‎flightrisk‬ ‪#‎meetmehalfway‬


sometimes I stay.png

Thinking of: A recent engagement

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