Skies Have to Be Blue.


We’re told a lot about focus and how having it is core to creating, innovating and growing in our particular art. But what our well-intentioned motivators leave out is what exactly to focus on. The reason they do that is because no one can tell you where your true intentions lie, only you can do that. Clarity in that respect, comes through experimentation by ourselves, with ourselves.

The journey to self discovery and what is, in fact, worth investing our God-given time on earth are questions only one can answer after spending considerable time with oneself.

Me time.

As children, when we get interested in something, no one can distract us from learning what is in our hands. Take colouring, for example. With every stroke in and out of the lines we are uncovering a little more about how we feel about the picture and more importantly, our interpretation of it. And then someone comes along, throws in their two cents and says, “Skies have to be blue, grass has to be green” and before you know it, the path of perception is paved with someone else’s opinion.

To unlearn and relearn how we see our talent and it’s purpose, that takes time and effort. Oh, but how necessary it is.

Going back to basics and absorbing it our way. Then, only then, does focus bring meaning. Because now we are committed at a deeper level of understanding, not only of the art itself but the artist in which the art draws from.

Not forgetting where we come from, why we started this journey of creativity, and the basics we must consistently run back to in order to find satisfaction in the end result. One that will far outlast our life on earth and be passed on to the following generations.

As one writer jotted about professional boxer Juan Manuel Márquez, that he is a man of world renown skill,

“…not merely surviving but winning at the highest levels of competition by virtue of his impeccable fundamentals.”

Judo Chop: The Genius of Juan Manuel Marquez

Why do so many of us feel lost when we think about our life purpose and how to use the tools we have in our belt to make the most of our time here? Maybe our search isn’t about being committed to just any one thing for the rest of our lives, or finding that one specific call to be married to, or focusing only on the present; but a commitment to constantly challenge ourselves in the process of self-discovery.

But what do I know? A woman may plan her way but it is God who determines her steps.

On a side note: My friend launched her first published book!


It’s a kid’s book on learning ABC’s with Timmy the Mouse. The game “Where are my shoes?” is available in the App store. If you’re interested in buying the book for your kid, do PM me.

Thinking about: Challenging myself more, Closer by The Chainsmokers, Norway and bumping into old primary school friends.



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