Switching Channels

Disclaimer: If you’re the kind that gets along well with leadership/authority then skip along this post.

The biggest challenge in leadership isn’t in listening to authority, but listening to authority when you don’t really want to. When you think you know better, when he/she seems unreasonable and unmoving to you, when you feel devalued by what you think their impression is of you.

Notice I use ‘think‘ and ‘seems‘ because more often than not, these feelings churn, fester and broil in our heads without much help.

While I have my own agendas and priorities, coming under someone else’s leadership periodically means foregoing those insistencies for the sake of the big picture. I’ll be honest, at times it feels like a whole different painting.

And so many of us, when we butt heads with the guy one step ahead of us on the ladder we have two real choices; find a different ladder or suck it up and get with the program. You can only do one of those two choices with humility.

At this point someone’s probably thinking, ‘Well that’s stupid, if your leader is never willing to see eye to eye with you, and constantly devalues your opinions, just do whatever you want, leave the country, leave the job, leave the ministry, leave the house; it’s your life. You don’t need this aggravation.’

The thing about leaving every time we contend with the boss, much like Crash Bandicoot, is we pass up on the chance to LEVEL UP.

one does not simply level up.jpg

Our character and attitude will never develop into one that is wise, peaceful, consistent or loyal subsequently denying the space for God to complete the good work in us. Simply because the problem is within, young grasshopper. Wherever you go, be it to work, church, home groups or whichever family you marry into; tendency to butt heads, rub shoulders and get your feet stepped on by people in command exists. There is no place you are safe from this as long as the human race walks the earth. There is no one who answers to no one (if this makes sense).

How can we learn to work together and accept in love all sorts of personalities and tendencies if we only want to work with people who like us, who are like us, who get along with us, and only tells us things we like to hear? Is there anyone in leadership on earth we can have zero differences with for a prolonged period of time? Even the most educated, dedicated, rational, experienced and wise leaders alive today have haters.

If we cannot be directed by men who we can see, can we honestly think we will follow God whom we cannot see?

As someone who has felt very often the itching desire to run, I’ve found greater peace and blessing in submission instead of rebellion. Because my life is not my own, it was bought at a price, the highest price on the cross where Jesus died, in submission to His Father because He didn’t really want to be there.

Who better to teach us to be obedient when we don’t want to, than Jesus Christ. If we allow God to mould us, and direct us in being submissive before those in authority above us, He will not only bless our endeavours but grant us favour with men, because it is His end He serves when He directs us. His end is one to prosper us and give us a hope and future, not disaster.

It is in Him we can trust even when men who cannot be trusted are in power over us.

Maybe what we need, is not a change of position, but a change of perspective.

Thinking of: Code Orange Revival, James Blake’s The Wilhelm Scream and how I don’t know about my dreams anymore.

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