Some Time Ago Today – 27 JANUARY

Procrastinating from work as usual.

I bumped into 27 January 2016 4:21PM.

It was just sitting around, waiting to remind me of His goodness in the last year, His kindness and His infinite wisdom that is fully available to those who hunger and thirst for His hand.

Sometime Ago Today -  27 January.jpeg

It’s the first team task we made after opening our business. One year later, we have our own office space, full time staff and so much favour we’re losing room to contain it.


2016 was a good year that You made for me. I stuffed up a lot along the way but You never left me. It’s almost like You didn’t mind being associated with the screw up. Well then, here’s to 2017. Here’s to the mess we’ll make.

Thinking of: La La Land, Descendants of the Sun, how we can do all things through Him and 설날복 많이 받으세요!



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