Single during Chinese New Year

Many single people of a marriageable age during Chinese New Year this year will have encountered at least one person asking them to ‘Hurry up, find someone and get married’ so they can stop taking ang paos and finally start giving them.

First of all, finding a spouse is not like buying pork at the butcher shop. You know this is not the halal way.

Second of all, I want to say I feel you, and while it may hurt to continuously be reminded of how single you are, we must always look to the Word of God concerning our inability to quickly find a mate in this zoo.

When [Jesus] had finished speaking, He said to Simon, “Now go out where it is deeper, and let down your nets to catch some fish.”


Okay, jokes aside, when people make insensitive comments because you’re unmarried, they’re really speaking out of concern. Okay, that was the last joke I’m making, I promise. But, seriously, when my mom freaks out that I’m 28 and unmarried, I really only hear fear in her voice. Fear I won’t be looked after, fear I’ll be alone or die alone in some alley somewhere with no one to bury my body or mourn my death or worse, fear I’ll be ostracised by all the relatives, etc. That’s the mother’s heart, she’ll always want her babies to be swaddled safe and taken care of even after she’s gone.

But the thing is, we have to mature past this mentality. We have to mature to look past the 20% of our wants God has purposefully withheld while freely giving us the 80% we need but don’t deserve. To find a way to make peace with that 20%, then move on to use the 80% to build the kingdom of God.

Peace in being single comes from trusting God. To trust Him in this means to let Him straighten our path. It means trusting Him even though that relationship didn’t work out, trusting our God-given instincts when we say ‘No’ to the guy asking us out who just doesn’t seem right, to trusting Him when the ‘perfect guy’ walks away from us.

Trusting God even when the world claims a woman’s victory is in her marriage but God’s Word says I have already given you the victory in Christ.

Our starting point is victory.

At this juncture, I know it’s scary, but with Trump going the way he is it’s highly believable that Jesus could very well come back this weekend. Shorten the waiting period for the days are increasingly evil and all. Should He return now, He ain’t gonna ask about our marital status.

“Well done, beautiful and married mother of 3” are NOT going to be His words to us.

Satan has bound us to his lies that our value as an adult woman is tied to dating, marriage, sex, motherhood, etc. While these things are valuable and a blessing and gift from God, it is NOT our value. God has freed us with the whole truth, our value is in what Christ finished at the cross, it is in Him we find eternal value. Everything else flows from HIS hand at HIS will, in HIS timing.

As His children, we have the privilege of being on God’s watch, not Biology’s.

So chill, God’s got your back, always. Gong Xi Ni.

화이팅! (Hwai-ting)

I keep my eyes always on the LORD. Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken

Psalms 16:8

Thinking of: LION, DotS, Full House, Autumn in my Heart, Goblin and my BFF legally married!

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