Seoul Searching: Day 1

They say for some college is the time of your life where you find yourself, and for others, it can also be a time where you slowly get lost.

Charlotte Brookes. Mr Church.

It makes sense the more quality time you spend alone with someone, the more you know them.

So if you don’t spend enough time alone with yourself, you probably won’t recognize who you’ve become through the changes that have taken place. And you end up asking yourself, “Who am I?”

That’s why I have found it imperative to

REflect, REmember, REmindREfocus, REalign, REpeat.

Heal from the hurts, detox the offenses, gain a fresh new perspective and strengthen what motivates me to live.

And the flaws? Maybe I can’t fix those parts of me because ‘I’m’ not meant to.

Stop trying to complete what only Jesus can.

“I the LORD search the heart and test the mind, to give every man according to his ways, according to the fruit of his deeds.”

Jeremiah 17:10

On a side note: Yes, I love this city. No, I haven’t taken any pictures of Seoul. Oh, wait, I did.

Okayla, some places in Malaysia may have low standards, but we draw the line at chopsticks

Thinking of: Why is everyone in this city so beautiful, that young man who helped me get to my destination, how there are places that speaking English seems like a handicap, what are the chances I’ll see the Prince of Asia, The Vitruvian Man and how dad’s snoring is oddly calming.

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