Seoul Searching: Day 4

Jesus saw the best in people at their worst. He met them in their messes, in their realities, in their most desperate moments. He loved them and believed in them when there was nothing lovable or admirable about them.

Unqualified (Steven Furtick)

All the internal and external motivations for work, relationship, ministry, etc. seem pointless if in the end, it’s all for me.

I sing to the tune that Belle did when she was sure that there must be more than this provincial life. With my biggest dreams comes my biggest failures, my biggest discouragements. But I find solace today in this, that Jesus knows the plans He has for me, they are plans for good, not evil, to prosper me and give me a hope and a future. My future is with Him. Whether or not I make it to Pixar, whether GREENSCREEN ever makes a film, whether or not I get married, whether or not HarvestGenTV goes places; I’m with Him through it all.

I just want to remind myself today, He loved me when I felt like I was nothing. He took me to a place to quieten me down and speak softly of His love for me and to show me, He knows me better than anyone in this world ever could.

This world has nothing for me, I will follow You. That’s my goal. You are my motivation. 

Everything changed the day I took Your name. You define me.

But apart from God, it’s impossible to get a clear picture of who we are, because our identity is so intimately and intricately and inseparably bound to His.

Unqualified (Steven Furtick)

We took the Train to Busan for a day.

Half expected to see zombies on the way,

Walked until it hurt my knees,

Managed to dip my hand in the Eastern sea,

Got sand in my shoes, ate the best beef stew

And came back to Seoul in one peace.

He lets me rest in green meadows; He leads me beside peaceful streams.

Psalm 23:2

Considered cropping out the yawning lady next to us but what the hey, I’m feeling inclusive today ❤


A warning to those travelling to S.Korea: It starts with saying ‘Yes’ to buy 1 get 1 free mask, now I have enough masks to last me 3 lifetimes over.

On another side note: I really am a Daddy’s girl. He’s ruined me for men.

On another side note: I saw 2pm’s Taecyon. I think.

I know, I know. Pics or it didn’t happen.

Sigh. Should’ve taken a picture.
Thinking of: How I wish I had stopped to take that picture, when one door closes another window opens, the excitement of going home soon, renewed energy levels, dark matter and dark energy.

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