Mother-Daughter Letters | 10 April 2017

Dear Sumi,

You are a grown girl now but it does not mean you should not learn from me anymore.

No matter how old you grow, the love and guidance from your mother will always be a light in your path as if it was from above.

Do not dwell in the hurts of yesterday. Learn to let go with forgiveness in your heart and dwell in positive things and sweet memories between us of yesterdays and work towards a better relationship with me.

Life is short and time is precious. Make the best of today with me.

You still have so much to learn from me that I will freely give you.

Cherish the moments because, I will not live forever.




On a side note, sure.

Sumi meaning picture.jpeg

Thinking of: The Moon that Embraces the Sun, my first Grab trip, how I’m genuinely happy for you and all the Emma’s.

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