Loving in Context

I watched this movie recently called Arrival. In short, aliens come to earth to gift us a Universal Language.

It was interesting how people communicate through different means and methods when trying to understand one another and when trying to make oneself understood. But it seems we really won’t learn effective communication until we really listen to the other person.

Learning to speak someone else’s language is a skill we all need to master. Communication brings freedom in expression and when we fail to meet each other at our level of contact, we miss the opportunity to convey effectively. But I’ve found the next level in competently sharing a conversation is in listening. Above that, all our other senses have to get involved and then we get to experience another human being as he or she is; in context. And we get to love one another, in context.

I guess that means being more vulnerable. Scary but necessary.

He who has ears, let him hear.

Thinking of: Rachel Lampa’s No Greater Love and how talking about it makes it better.

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