A Good Day to Die Hard

Isn’t it funny, the cross when it was created by the Romans was a symbol of death, punishment and bondage.

Today, it is a symbol of freedom, life and victory over every one of those things it was intended for.

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them.

Romans 8:28

There can be times we only seem to see death and punishment around us. There are also times we are on the highest heavens with everything going our way.

He is God over both the palace and the pit.

You can be in the inner circle, walk on water, be on the mount of transfiguration, be unashamed to declare your undying commitment to Christ, cut off soldiers’ ears and still deny Him when it matters.

Still susceptible when the stakes are highest.

But you are the one He will go out of His way to restore.

Like the thief on the cross at his last moments made himself vulnerable before His Saviour, and like Peter who looked in the eyes of the One he crucially let down, we can hang on to the saving knowledge that Christ is unaffected by our failures.

He isn’t led by disappointments nor does He disqualify us based on our past.

Jesus died for Peter, the thief and the ones shouting crucify.

He knew only love could make a way to reconcile us to our Father in Heaven. And so the gentle Lamb gave His all so that we can all find rest in the Father’s heart.

Happy Good Friday ❤

The Cross

Thinking of: Oh, what grace I’ve found in You my Jesus.

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