Celebrate the Small Parts

Growing up in a Christian Asian culture it is often non-verbally expressed (for some, pressured) that excellence, or rather, the pursuit of it, is a pretty high priority. Errybody wants to bring honour to us all. That’s not a bad thing, by the way.


So a few weeks back I was part of a social media ad project and when I took it on, I honestly didn’t think it was a big deal, just another video in my portfolio. It was a tough and challenging job at the time, now in retrospect I’m really grateful I had this opportunity.

Today, I went to check the final video out on YouTube and it had half a million views.


I’ll be honest. The video editing I did wasn’t that great. I could’ve done way better. But I’m floored. I’ve never had so many views on a video I was a part of. Sure, it wasn’t my individual project, it wasn’t my most excellent project far from it but I say celebrate the small things. In pursuing an excellent lifestyle, we can get more caught up in the outcome and forget that the journey itself is dotted with many small victories.

Life is like DOTA. It’s one big adventure we all want to win but we play for the mini games to collect experience and money to buy potions and weapons and kiznit.

Obviously I don’t play DOTA. #relationalgap

My point: Praise God in the mist, the drizzle, the rain and the thunderstorm.

I can tell by now you’re curious about the video so click here, I edited the first 15 seconds.

On a side note: 2 gorgeous Dalmatians paraded in front of me today ❤ One day. Sigh. One day I will own a Dalmatian of my own and I will not call it Spot.

2017-05-24 18.42.47

Thinking of: Pashat, Remez, Drash, Suud and my new bias; B.T.S. 누구 없어, 도와 줘 (T_T)

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