BookWorm: The Overcomers

Have you ever felt like living as a Christian in today’s world is one long exhaustive battle you just want to end? Well, then, this book is for you:

The Overcomers by Dr Richard Booker

Download the excel sheet from the link below for a summarized table of the study

The Overcomers by Dr. Richard Booker


I came across this book in my church library and was intrigued because the book of Revelation was always one I avoided. I perceived it to be a book with so many mysteries that attempting to understand even one sentence was beyond me.

That’s why this book is so great, it gives you a historical, cultural, biblical and literary perspective on the 7 letters to the 7 churches. Dr. Richard writes it like it is and provides simple points in overcoming

This book is what Jesus Christ revealed. God gave this revelation to Jesus to show His servants the things which must happen soon. Jesus revealed it to John, His servant, sending it through His angel (Revelation 1:1 PEB).

You’ll  uncover the archeological and geographical setting of the seven cities and congregations to whom the Lord is writing, become familiar with the literary style of the Revelation and apocalyptic writings of John’s time, learn the influence of Greek mythology and Roman imperial cult worship.

The book is practical, it doesn’t give you all of life’s answers but it clarifies Jesus’ intent to the 7 churches that personify the types of churches/Christians today. It’s not just about what Jesus expects of us and how He wants us to behave like a discipline teacher with a cane waiting for her class to screw up. It reveals God’s heart, that He foresaw what we would go through and so prepared a way beforehand to equip us.

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