Bus Terror

I’m sitting in a semi-crowded bus with my family. This man in a cap and a backpack walks through the aisle and I look down to see him pull out a gun from his backpack. Before I can shout for help, he pulls out his gun and yells at us to sit down quietly. I attempt to talk back to him and he points his gun at my foot. I’m fearing he would shoot me or my family and tell him I’ll be quiet. He doesn’t say what he wants, but more join him on the bus and now we know he is not operating alone. My brother and father are silently staring at the terrorists in the bus and I’m thinking to myself, why aren’t we just taking things into our hands and attacking him? I can’t remember how but I alone manage to escape from the bus. We’re at a public rest stop so I wait behind a wall, planning a way to save my family. I see the main culprit and his cronies leave the bus to go to the restroom so I run to the bus, hop on the rear tyre and call through the small window to my family to ask them to come with me. My brother says don’t be stupid, just listen to the terrorist and do what they ask. I’m panicking as I urge them to get off the bus and escape with me now while we can but no one wants to follow me. I turn around to see the bad guy come out of the toilet, so I jump off and run back to my hiding place. Has he seen me? I can’t be sure. I’d better find another hiding spot. I turn to run and that’s when I see his face inches from mine. Yup, he saw me. Before I know it he has me in a chokehold. Then I wake up.

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