So Papa did something really amazing today. My friend didn’t have enough petrol in her car so her car died in the middle of the Kesas highway. I called Papa for advice but instead of just talking he actually bought a container, filled it with petrol and went all the way to my friend on the highway to help fill it up and get her car started.

He needed a funnel to put into the tank so he MacGyvere’d. He bought a mineral water bottle, cut off the top and a make-shift funnel was made.

Thank you Papa for inconveniencing yourself for a complete stranger. You didn’t have to go out of your way but you did it anyway. And you didn’t ask for anything in return. Really appreciate you Papa and I love you very much. ❤ #bestfatherintheworld

Sigh. He has really spoiled me for other men.


Thinking of: 방탄소년단’ s Pied Piper, 3rd Rock from the Sun and a father like no other.

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