Penang Flood Relief Effort (7-8 Nov 2017)

On Monday, I received a text from my bff in Penang, saying how the situation there had gotten so much worse due to the constant rain. She texted me some horrifying pictures of the area:

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Many people were stranded, many having no access to clean water or food, I think worst of all was hearing old people dying from being left behind as other’s fled to safety.

I broadcasted a message on my FB page calling for volunteers to go with me to help, many Malaysians were so willing to go; some even to fly in from other countries and it really encouraged me that we don’t just #prayfordisasterarea but take a step of faith that when you are prompted to go, you follow the leading of your heart.

Thanks to a church friend, I got connected to an amazing brother who also felt burdened in his heart after hearing Datuk Lim Guan Eng’s plea for help.

So a band of flood-trotters united. It felt like a mission for heroes; not for the faint in heart. Driving three 4WD’s loaded with water jets, shovels, Phua Chu Kang boots and our hearts in our eyes we set off to the north.

Here’s a video of the task the 10 of us took on:

It was an eye-opening experience for most of us as we were first time flood relief volunteers. It definitely was not smooth sailing but God gave us direction, and He fully equipped us for every area we stepped into.

I made a bunch of new friends and I saw the smiles of women and men who felt so hopeful that their houses, businesses and lives could go back to normal.

I want to encourage you, if you’re reading this, know that what you have in your hands is enough. Our Father in Heaven has qualified us by the power of Christ in our season. So we can be confident in Him that His joy will be our strength and He leads us in a right path.

They replied, “We have nothing here except five loaves and two fish.” 

He said, “Bring them here to Me.”

What you have is enough. YOU are enough.


If you are interested in disaster relief efforts, please email me at

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