2018 Resolutions and K-Drama Wrap Up

It’s been 2 years since I did resolutions (check out 2015 reso’s here) so I thought might be fun since I’m turning the big 3-0 this year.



2018 Resolutions:

[edited as of 9/1/2019]


  1. Reach 200 subscribers on Youtube. Currently at 196. Yay, got to 217
  2. Cover a BTS dance DOPE
  3. Go for a mission trip Don’t know if Flood Relief helps. Video here
  4. Try to keep Pinky the Cactus alive (it’s been in my room since 27th August so far so good.) Died like 6 months in. Planted a chilli plant. Also died 6 months in.

2015 Reso’s brought forward to 2018

  1. Complete 8 chin-ups. Currently at half a chin up. Well, I didn’t even come close to 8 but I did do a tutorial on it here

2018 Reso’s

  1. Produce an award-winning worthy short video. Didn’t win an award, but I think this video here was pretty good
  2. Swim with sharks. Does it count if I was in a room with 7 middle aged men pitching for a video idea?
  3. Climb Mount KK. C-O-N-Q-U-E-R-E-D. Video here
  4. Travel to Israel. Hands down the best gift I’ve ever received. Journal entries here
  5. Qualify to apply at Pixar. Just sent in an application. We’ll see
  6. Create quality content. Yas. I actually feel really proud of the work I did last year
  7. Finish my novel. Um. I blogged a lot?
  8. Find a film mentor. Sigh. Google is my mentor.
  9. Meet BTS. I… saw their movie in the theatre. 

I’m excited to give my utmost excellent work this year even if I don’t get the outcome I want but I know Christ will prove His character through my obedience.

On a side note: HarvestgenTV squad ended the year with a laugh-until-your-stitches-come-undone year-end K-Drama wrap up.

Check it out!

Kdrama Poster Layout FINAL.jpg

Part 1    Part 2

#songshicouple is bae. The cast and crew did so well. Couldn’t have asked for more.

Thinking of: How you do that thing you do, While You Were Sleeping, grand expectations and 2018 for Christ.


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