Climbing Mount Kinabalu

Completed my first mountain climb to the highest mountain in Malaysia, no less. Anyone in good health can do it, just imagine climbing up 462 storeys worth of stairs.

Watch my vlog for details:

Here are some of my favourite moments:

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Special thanks to Cheryl Kong,

Seriously I don’t think it would have been as enjoyable without you. Thank you so much for bringing all the muscle relaxants. And for taking all those time-lapses and photos. I’m really glad we got to do this together even though some parts we missed each other but it’s ok, the important thing is it’s over. And remember, there’s always gonna be another mountain, we’re always gonna wanna make it move. Ain’t about how fast we get there, ain’t about what’s waitin’ on the other side. It’s the climb. Also #neverforget KK masseuses who are wayyyy too handsy.

Thank you to all who prayed for us and supported us, your love got us through to the end.

The hardest part? The part where my Airasia flight was delayed and I only reached home at 4am with no one awake so I had to climb up my 4 foot gate to get into my own house.

I’m so done climbing. Or am I?

Interested in climbing Mount Kinabalu and want some tips? Feel free to PM me 🙂

Thinking of: The Greatest Showman, Loren Allred’s Never Enough, While You Were Sleeping, Charlie Puth’s Attention and How Long and it’s getting harder to walk away.

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