The Tiger in the Mansion

There once was a tiger. He lived in an old, massive mansion with many rooms. The people in the village nearby were scared because they feared the tiger was dangerous and sought a way to get rid of him. (What they did not know was that he was actually a man with magical powers that could transform into a tiger.)

One night, in an effort to show his community that he was NOT dangerous, the tiger invited all the young people in the village to his mansion for a game of midnight hide-and-seek. The young people were to go inside the mansion and hide themselves as well as they could and the tiger would seek them out. If he found them, they had to leave the mansion in peace and tell the people outside that he was not dangerous. The adults thought this was a dumb-as idea and secretly sent two spies to kill the tiger.

Almost a hundred young men and women gathered in front of the tiger’s mansion door in the dead of night. The atmosphere was charged with excitement as they waited for the rumoured magnificent tiger to show himself. The mansion door slowly swung open and everyone gaped as the elusive tiger regally walked out of the shadows. He immediately began counting to a hundred and the throng of youngsters broke out in thrilled screams and ran into the mansion to find hiding spots. The game had begun.

Clouds covered the moon’s body and the house was barely lit. While that made everything harder to see, none of them seemed to care. Their hearts beat with the drum of anticipation as they all quietly found hiding spots. Some in cupboards, others under stairwells. The tiger had a fleet of cars in the basement where many were wrestling each other to hide in. On the mansion rooftop was an infinity pool that overlooked the mountains, so a few of them who couldn’t be bothered hiding decided to swim instead. Each room was spectacularly decorated with the fixtures of the finest quality that many spent their time just standing and staring in awe.

One young woman in particular set her heart to not be found, so she decided to cheat the tiger. She decided she would keep changing her hiding spot every little while so the tiger would never find her.

The night was most silent before the first excited scream pierced it. The tiger had found the first hider. He had found a short, chubby, brown haired cutie hiding behind the front door. Her giggles had given her away. She hugged the tiger and thanked him for the game and went on her way back home.

So the tiger spent all night and all day playing with the young people, they had so much fun that they did not notice a whole day had almost gone by and the sun was soon to be setting. Some left to go home to tell their parents and neighbours about the kind tiger, while many stayed back in the mansion to enjoy the space. One group in particular were sitting around an oak dining table praising the tiger because he had found everyone. The tiger smiled appreciatively at their praises but felt something was wrong.

Had he really found everyone?

He vaguely remembered a shadow of a young woman that kept slipping by him all night. Had he already caught her? He couldn’t remember.

Just at that moment from the corner of his eye he saw a figure with long brown, curly hair peeping from behind the wall. His eyes opened wide. There she is! The tiger jumped over the dining, startling everyone at the table and bounded towards her direction.

The young girl ran for her life. Oh, why was she so foolish! Now the tiger was sure to catch her. She ran and ran all over the house looking to get away from the tiger and ended up outside in his garden compound. Her lungs felt like they were about to burst. Sweat was dripping down her face and she leaned against the garden wall to catch her breath. She couldn’t believe it. She had outrun the tiger once again! She silently laughed to herself and was thoroughly enjoying her proud moment when she heard two men talking. Two men who had been waiting all night and day for the children to leave so they could kill the tiger.

She felt a burden in her heart weigh upon her like a boulder. They were plotting to kill the tiger who had done no wrong. She had to warn him right away. Contrary to what she had been doing up till now, the young woman ran back into the house looking for the tiger to alert him that two intruders were about to take his life.

The house by now had emptied as all the children left to go back to their homes. Walking around alone in his quiet house as the sky darkened to invite the night, the young woman felt an uneasiness creep up on her causing the hairs on the back of her neck to stand straight. As she walked she came to a set of large double doors; the largest she had come across so far. She thought to herself that this must be his room; he must be inside. Pushing the doors open, she walked in and found a large bedroom. But the room wasn’t empty, she came face to face with the tiger who was in the midst of transforming into a man. Their eyes met and my alarm clock rang. Don’t eat cheesecake right before you sleep or you’ll get weird dreams like this. Also, if anyone can interpret this dream that would be much appreciated.

If you made it this far, thanks ❤


Out of all the interpretations I’ve received, this one is most spot on. Thank you everyone for your contributions:

From @ Si Wei:

The tiger represents God being a part of our lives with Jesus on earth, much like the tiger is represented in your hide and seek.

The hide and seek represents that our days are numbered and while we take some time enjoying (swimming in infinity pools) we will all still have to account for what we did in our lives (counting to 100)

The two spies represent the world and human logic. Constantly at odds with the inexplicable and impossible to understand ways of God, the spies attempting to kill your tiger representing our flawed logic and knowledge battling against godly wisdom.

You’re the little girl who’s always mischievous and secretly wanting the tiger to pay you special attention. Stumbling upon Mr tiger changing back into an old man probably represents your fetish for older men in furry animal suits (lolol joking)



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