Cats and Morals

Since you don’t believe in God, what do you think then of purity or holiness?

She replied: I don’t believe in them because they’re just man-made concepts as part of man-made religious institutions. A cat wouldn’t understand purity. It would sleep with everything in the neighbourhood if you gave it enough time. #indecency

Does that make the cat unholy or impure?

If animals in their natural element don’t hold themselves to a moral standard, why do we make such a big fuss and force people to adhere?

Okay, fair enough. However, before we ask the cat what is it’s standard on purity, can we agree that moral code is species specific?

Are you saying you think you’re better than animals? That. is. so. typical.


I’m not looking down at animals as inferior, this is not a pride thing, it’s a prefrontal cortex thing. This is not a conversation you can have with Fluffy.

But let’s also admit, as intelligent as we are, we still have yet to grasp the full understanding of the complexity in the feral experience or the level of social responsibility in the animal world.

If we make the pre-conceived assumption that animals have no moral standard based on inconclusive and limited observation, should we therefore take our cue from them and live like animals?

And if you’re taking your cue for morality from animals whom you don’t fully understand, really how different are you from religious people basing their morality on faith they don’t fully understand?

By the way, the cat may not have a standard of purity and choose to sleep around with all the Figaro’s in town but the consequences of it’s choice would still have a ripple effect and that’s how neutering came about.

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