Wonderlast: Israel Day 1

The Holy Land. I couldn’t believe it. I dare not blink for I fear it would be over all too soon.

Really the adventure started on the 13-hour journey from Kuala Lumpur to Tel Aviv.

On the plane I saw the movie 42. I cried as the movie brought out emotions I have always closed an eye to; racism towards people of African descent. And I hear Him clearly say to me, I don’t want you to just defend Me, I want you to defend My people. Don’t just defend the Word but defend the people the Word is meant to set free.

Israel is greener than I thought. I don’t know why I imagined it as a desert.

The weather is cooling, breezy, slightly chilly.

The Haifa Bay View hotel rooms are spacious and nice, my roommate is a doll, Eunice.

She’s looking after me well. The people in the group are all so ready to get to know one another and are so kind to me. I met another dancer, David, who teaches hip-hop in Kuching! Nothing connects two people like dance does. I wonder if we’d get to dance together before we leave.

The street we’re on has made it convenient for us to buy groceries, change money and eat. I had shawarma for lunch.

The only thing I know about shawarma is that Tony Stark wanted to eat it after saving the world. It is THAT good.

tony stark

Had Ruben’s Burger for dinner. I am not even ashamed to say I attacked that burger all by my bad self.

I’ve got a goodie bag for school tomorrow. Yes, it includes a selfie-stick. They take photography very seriously here.

Full moon today reminding me all things come full circle.

Also, I saw Fred Flinstone during Purim:

Met some lovely Israelite children.

Thinking of: Shawarma, all lives matter and you cannot both love God yet hate men.

2 thoughts on “Wonderlast: Israel Day 1

  1. I went there last December, through a church pilgrimage tour. Absolutely loved it! Would love to go again, but would prefer not through a religious tour.
    Are you there because of a religous tour or a normal sight seeing tour?

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