Wonderlast: Israel Day 2

Work in Haifa. Pray in Jerusalem. Party in Tel Aviv.

Some of you are thinking, where the heck is Haifa?!

Okay, you know Mount Carmel where Elijah had a showdown with 450 false prophets that challenged his God to layeth the smackdown? Haifa is the city on its slopes.


But I guess what you didn’t know is that it is the holy pilgrimage site for Bahá’ís. I have Bahá’í friends and they tell me about their faith but when I visited the Bahá’í gardens today, I not only got a tour of the very symmetrical gardens but also a glimpse into a religion that tries very hard to keep peace between all men. Especially in the middle east, this heart is lacking. Yes, we all serve different beliefs. No, we will not compromise. But can we live with that? So many say ‘No’ and are willing to sacrifice our brothers for faith. Blood for belief.

Many are turning to atheism because ‘god’ seems to be bringing out the worst in us.

How can we say we love God but hate our brother? And when we fail to consolidate, we realise there is no point in religion and our liturgy becomes empty.

Paul said, ‘If I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing’.

Food was kebabs and seafood. Look at the layout below. I would like to say the amount I ate resembled a particular animal but I want to keep this sentence kosher.

Hiked 5km back up to the hotel after a very hearty lunch. At first it seemed like a mistake to decide to hike instead of taking the bus, but once I got going I thought what the hey, it seems like so far God has been taking me on inconvenient routes to see things differently so, why not?

On the bright side, the sun was very hot.

Also I met a lady who isn’t afraid to slam dunk the funk with these shoes.

At night we received the Sabbath Jewish styles.

Family and rest. God instructed us to rest not because He did but because we need to. I definitely need to take this more seriously, as seriously as I take all the other 9 commandments.

Thinking of: Mount Caramel, the quietness that comes with rest and school starting tomorrow!

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