Wonderlast: Israel Day 5

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One of the greatest moral teachings of all time is said to be Jesus’ first discourse on the Mount of Beatitudes or Mount of Blessing. It was so well attended He had to go up a mountain to accommodate the crowd. Jesus goes on to talk about what kind of people are blessed and it’s not the kind of people we think.

He says blessed are the poor in spirit. Is depression and inner worthlessness something we call blessed today?

He says blessed are those who mourn. People who mourn are those who have lost loved ones and close friends. Do we consider widows and orphans blessed?

He says blessed are the meek or gentle. Yea, because the strongest countries have the gentlest armies.

He says blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. Is starvation something any of us desire for?

Here is Jesus’ big chance to wow the crowd with His sermon debut and He starts out by pointing out an important characteristic of the Kingdom; that it’s not what we think, it’s the opposite of how the world runs.

Remember Jesus is called the Messiah so He’s showing us how His Kingdom operates because He’s inviting us to be a part of that Kingdom. And that Kingdom principle is this, if you want to make a difference, if you want to find glory and influence, don’t look for the people who have it all together, or have all the money and power or talk the most and loudest, the treasure we seek is with the hurting and broken people of the world. The blessings are with them.

One time an intelligent Bible Scholar asked Jesus what must he do to inherit eternal life and the agreed conclusion is we must love God with everything and love our neighbour as ourselves. Agreed. But who is my neighbour? It’s not the Christian, or Muslim, or Pastafarian; it’s the PERSON who needs, who hurts, who is wounded and whom we can help.

What a challenge to look beyond me.

I saw Peter’s house (speculated)

I ate Peter’s fish

And found a teeny-tiny-mochi Bible. So comel.

Yes, there are legit readable words in it. Your eyes will bleed but it’s definitely legible.

Thinking of: How the crowd will leave but the disciples will stay behind for the work so are you investing into entertaining the crowd or discipleship?

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