Wonderlast: Israel Day 10

Finally, I made it. Jerusalem. This city is that place I’ve been longing for since I was a child. The reason this journey means so much to me is because my life, my faith, my values and my beliefs centre on a God that calls this place, the only place in the entire world, His city. This is HIS city. He brought me here. Well, He and Royal Jordanian Air. I felt like for a moment, God was welcoming and introducing me to His hometown. It is here that everything past, present and future, of all the nations, all beginnings and endings, zero in. Actually, it zeroes in on the Temple Mount.


Everything it seems points to this particular golden pimple. The pimple everybody wants to pop, as one Jewish man mused today.

We know the Temple Mount is important to Jews and Muslims, what with the Dome of the Rock, Al-Aqsa Mosque and the remnant of the Second Temple within its compounds. But there is another story attached to the Temple Mount.

There is reason to believe that thousands of years ago Abraham, the Father of faith, took his son there. That’s not odd to many of you until you find out that he went up there not for a father-son camping trip, but because God asked him to sacrifice the son he loved as a burnt offering. I know what you’re thinking, that’s a pretty sick thing for God to ask. But bear in mind two things; one, the Bible states it was a test of Abraham’s faith and obedience and two, while today we consider this an unthinkable act, child sacrifice was not uncommon among pagan worshippers of his time. So when God stops Abraham’s hand from plunging the knife into his son, He is actually telling Abraham, I am nothing like those other gods who require human blood, I require obedience.

It goes on to say God blessed Abraham because of his obedience that he will have children as numerous as the stars and through them the entire world would be blessed.

Before he knew it was a test, Abraham had decided on God’s character, he was worthy to be worshipped even if it meant sacrificing the dream he loved. That is the essence of worship; bowing down your will to God and having resurrection faith that God is good and He is faithful to keep ALL his promises. God doesn’t need your things, your money or your dreams, it is your heart He is after, one that will choose Him.

Going to swim/float/walk on the Dead Sea tomorrow so stay tuned for updates!

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