Wonderlast: Israel Day 12

The Dome of the Rock and the area around it has great spiritual significance for a number of religions. And everyone comes there to pray, pay tribute, protest, etc. It’s a holy site for so many believers of different faiths that when you walk around you can feel the crisp tension in the air between religious guards. It’s a place of worship and judgement.

This area is considered to be so holy that there are people groups who won’t step into the compound because they’re not pure and instead they wail outside waiting for the day they can enter the temple again and worship God. Yet with how we deem it today you wouldn’t believe at one point during the Byzantine period people used this location as a dumping ground for garbage. Of course much later it was restored and renovated and its the monument we see today.

One thing to recognize is that spiritual forces are at play here not just human.


City of David

I walked all day today but I was truly drained when I visited the Holocaust museum. There is a room where pictures of the millions of children murdered were displayed. The museum showed us stories upon stories of the horrors that took place all across Europe breaking families and communities apart.

6 million dead. In the name of religion. There must be a better way.

You want to ask where was God when all this happened? Where were WE when all this happened? God didn’t let us down, we let each other down by staying silent and turning a blind eye as millions were killed. Yes, us, we are all responsible because we are meant to be each other’s keeper.

This is why the pursuit of peace is so important. With our parents, family, spouses, friends, we MUST pursue peace across the borders.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.

My prayer for those of you reading this is we will live lives that promote peace and forgiveness and really the best person to look to is the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ.

Thinking of: Graduation tomorrow and I’m really not ready to leave Israel.


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