Israel Travel FAQ

I’m writing this post for many who have contacted me to ask about the details of travelling to Israel. Here are some frequently asked questions, I hope it helps.

1. Isn’t it illegal to travel to Israel from Malaysia?

No. I have proper documentation approved by concerning authorities.

2. How do you get that documentation?

I made arrangements with relevant organizations and went to Israel on pilgrimage as a Christian.

3. How do I prove I am going on pilgrimage?

You will be asked for proof by either;

1. Your baptism certificate

2. A letter from your senior pastor

4.  What tour did you go with?

I went for a Bible Study Tour under a local school. There’s a cert and graduation and everything.

2018-03-13 20.22.44

5. How much was it?

Including accommodation, the school fees, food, flight tickets and extra expenditure I spent close to RM15,000.

6. Walao! Why so expensive??!

Look, it’s a 2-week intensive course in Israel, one of the most expensive countries in the world today. It’s going to cost money and time. For me, I’ve been saving for a long time since before I started working in 2011. This was something I wanted since I was a kid. It was worth it for me. I can always earn money back. I’m single and I have time and energy so I took advantage of that. For many of the people there, they saved money for a few decades. Others were young people in high paying jobs so they could afford it. There were parents who left their young kids in Malaysia to come for the course. Some didn’t want to go but somehow God supernaturally provided and they ended up coming on the trip. One thing is clear, we were all called to be there at that time specifically for a word God wanted to release for such a time and season for us. We all found excuses to come to His city. My encouragement is don’t be turned away by the price tag, it’s a small matter for God. Pray about it and diligently ask Him for a way if this is really what you want. The earth is full of His possessions, why wouldn’t He grant you the desires of your heart?

7. Isn’t it all desert?

Hard to say. You’ve got this:

2018-03-11 12.02.14.jpg

Then you’ve got green as far as the eyes can see:


Then you’ve got the Dead Sea where nothing lives:

2018-03-11 06.09.27.jpg

Then you’ve got history, culture and architecture where close to 1 million people come through and the sun scorches:

Photo: Fabian Wilfred Joseph

Then you’ve got mountain sides so cooling your eyes glisten:

2018-03-12 16.38.06.jpg

Then you’ve got gardens:

2018-03-13 10.29.51.jpg

For a small country it has quite a diverse landscape. Almost every square foot of the land I saw is being cultivated.

8. How’s the food?

Hummus is lyfe.

Food I had was super healthy. A lot of greens and nuts. Loved it. If you don’t like then you can be like some people who came prepared with bakkwa and maggi.

9. Is it a dangerous war zone?

Not when I was there. Israeli forces are one of the best in the world.

2018-03-14 13.36.39
IDF soldiers at the market.

10. Are Israeli people good looking?

Yes, everyone else looks like potatoes

11. How’s the weather?

I went towards the end of winter so it was pretty much a Katy Perry song. Cold one moment and hot the next.

12. Did it meet your expectations?

Above and beyond anything I could ask or dream of. (Part of me thinks I didn’t pay the school enough.) The study tour experience was beyond my wildest dreams. As a child I longed to come here. The bible study gave a fulfilling view of what God is doing in Israel and the nations for the last days. I made good friends that I am taking with me beyond the classroom. It has cemented my faith in a promise-keeping God’s unchanging character. My encouragement is that Bible-believing followers of Jesus should make every effort to come because it will change the way you view life and the way you view God especially in these end times. It’s a place the scriptures we lay our all down for come to life. I highly recommend this particular program for anyone hungry and thirsty for truth. If you are already full, then this is the place to come for an overflow.

13. Would you go again?

In a heartbeat.

Pray for peace in Jerusalem. May all who love this city prosper.

Special thanks to Pastor Peter (pic below) and his team for hosting us and giving us the experience of a lifetime.

Guys, this man is the definition excellence.

It was a privilege to sit at your feet and hear you speak words that brought life to my heart.

2018-03-12 13.20.18
Pastor Peter Tsukahira – Quite possibly one the greatest Bible teachers I’ve learnt from

For more info feel free to DM me on Facebook, Insta or PM me here.

Thank you for supporting this blog and my writing. I hope I have somehow provoked you to envy to want to come to Israel and experience the Holy Land for yourself.

I have documented some of my travels on my IG profile under Israel 2018 highlights, do check it out 🙂

Thinking of: You.

6 thoughts on “Israel Travel FAQ

  1. oh it’s a great place to learn. I’ve seen your blog, will look out for that episode when you go there!

  2. Haifa, Mount Carmel, Yad Vashem, the borders, etc 🙂 Israel is really green ❤ considering a large chunk of it is desert XD

  3. Awesome Sumi, thank you very much for sharing!
    What you write is definately true and you found beautiful words to describe this incredible experience.

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