How to Read the Bible (Part 2/8)


God has left us a love letter to help us make sense of life and how HE designed it to function. The Bible is life and power to those who wield it. Heaven and earth may pass away but not even one comma from God’s written Word will go missing. That’s how much we can rely on it. So why not dig in today!

My “Connect with God” series will run for the next 8 days on different topics:

1. Prayer
2. Reading the Bible
3. The Holy Spirit
4. Worship
5. Church
6. Baptism
7. Holy Communion
8. Tithes&Offering

I’m just sharing what I’ve freely learnt so share with your friends and if you have questions do DM, PM me will get back to you as soon as I can 

Hope this helps you,

Thinking of: Offerings from broken vessels.

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