How to Worship (Part 4/8)

#Worship is more than songs, more than words; it’s action!

It’s the conscious decision to live every moment in a way that honours and pleases God. Yes, even the times we fail and make mistakes can be worship if we get our attitudes right.

Let’s worship Him in Spirit and in truth!


Here’s my current fave worship song:
Tauren Wells

Many want to connect with God but don’t know how, this series is a platform for me to share whatever knowledge I have and what has been effective for me in growing deeper in my relationship with Christ.

My “Connect with God” series will run for 8 days on different topics:

1. Prayer
2. Reading the Bible
3. The Holy Spirit
4. Worship
5. Church
6. Baptism
7. Holy Communion
8. Tithes&Offering

I’m just sharing what I’ve freely learnt so share with your friends and if you have questions do DM, PM me will get back to you as soon as I can 🙂 Hope this helps you, Sumi

Thinking of: Here I am to worship

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