Winds of Change

This is the first time since our independence in 1957 that we the Malaysian people have witnessed a change of government.

This statement is only half truth, honestly. Because we didn’t just witness it as some pedestrian bystander. We took the bull by the horns and made sure .EVERY.SINGLE.VOTE. was protected. And we did it together.

Think about what this means. Every single Malaysian is experiencing this for the first time. Whether you voted or not, whether you are overseas or based here, whether you even understand what is happening or not; YOU, my dear Malaysian will forever be embedded in history as part of indelible change.

I believe thank yous are in order;

Thank you Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad, because you didn’t use your influence to seek out revenge but restoration, reformation and forgiveness.#leadbyexample

Thank you BN, for giving the opposition parties and the people the fuel we needed.

Thank you voters, not only did you stand in line for hours on end to exercise your basic right to vote but many of you acted as watchdogs and protected the ballots.

Thank you PACA, your sacrifice in time and effort is greatly appreciated.

Thank you to those who prayed ceaselessly, we may have to choose men but we need to trust God.

To every Malaysian; This isn’t about ONE party winning/losing, it’s about ONE people progressing. When the body moves forward, even the weakest member is moving with it.

We don’t know how the new ruling government would act or how the outcome of their policies will play out because ‘promises, promises’ but I’ll say this, now that the people have tasted the power they hold, their appetite will be insatiable.

Do you get it now?

This is democracy.

“We deserve a new era where no coalition – BN, Pakatan or otherwise – will ever feel safe from the Rakyat. We deserve an era where we feel confident and empowered that we can and will change the government if it pleases us to do so. We deserve an era that no man, Prime Minister or otherwise, can be so bold to act with impunity.” -Clinton Tan


Thinking of: A starving people finally fed.


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