Humans for some reason take twice as long to grow up as compared to other mammals. Giraffes pop out and 4 years later they’re drinking and voting. But human babies take at least 18 years before they can be considered mature by society. That, however, does not stop them from wanting to do the things mature people do.

It’s that little heart-breaking space between the potential and the fulfilment called the wilderness, or you know, Monday morning.

While battling impatience, it is vital to not underestimate the importance of the preparation period. Forcing your way to get what you want before it’s time is like eating all the uncooked batter because you couldn’t wait for the cake to be fully baked. You’re going to get nauseated and your mom is going to kill you.

The heart grows increasingly sick in the wake of unanswered prayers. The further away you seem to be from reaching your ideals and goals, the harder it is to stay hopeful.


Yet it is your response to this day when the darkness looms hard that you find your spirit and grit. The solutions we use in our difficult days will either propel us forward to rise above or eclipse our way out.

Either way, how you position yourself and invest into your own attitude is a reflection of your own views of the big picture.

And you know what, I believe a big part of the solution in life’s road blocks is figuring out what you need to end and let go of. In the words of the prophet Isaiah;

“Old thing don’t go, new thing can’t come.” [paraphrased]

God often calls us when we are not ready yet because His end game isn’t to give us all our dreams, but to prepare our character to sustain those dreams.

There was a barren woman named Hannah who cried out to God because she wanted Him to give her a child, all the while she had no idea that the son she thought was for herself was going to grow up to be an essential key in the inauguration of Israel as a country.

She wanted a to get a son, but God wanted to establish within her a nation.

The prep you’re going through isn’t just for you.

Inspired by Ps Ryan Foo

Thinking of: THE Christmas play, expansion, letting some things die, Tauren Wells’s Echo, queer issues and coconut sorbet.


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