Divine Rendezvous

“I have come that you may have life to its fullest measure.”

That’s a pretty bold statement for anyone to make, yet that is the very promise Jesus gives us.

I gotta be honest. I don’t always see that manifesting. I’m moved visually, so when I see suffering, I’m moved to doubt. In contrast when I see a miracle, I’m moved to believe.

You have to have a truckload of faith to hold on to something in another dimension that isn’t corresponding with what’s happening in this one.

So what made Abraham do it? God said, “Pack up.” He responded, “Leggo.”

Dunno where, what, how, which way, but okies.

His natural eyes could not see but his faith sure could imagine. At least enough to trust God at His word. He was overcome by the spirit of Nike and just did it.

I mean, following Jesus isn’t a safe place. If His closest 12 disciples were stoned, skinned, boiled, hanged (hung?), etc. I don’t really see that as having life to the fullest measure, but all of them gladly gave their lives for a cause they wouldn’t even understand within their lifetime.

I wouldn’t trust someone I don’t know. I definitely wouldn’t die for someone I don’t know.

Isn’t it funny the Bible says Jesus died for us. He knew us even before we came to be, because He knitted us in our mother’s womb. He knew us and considered us worth bankrupting Heaven for.

Eternity meets earth in the most spectacular fashion. Crushing through the dimensions between the divine and disorderly to fulfil destiny.

It’s hard to believe why so many people do the crazy things they do for God. I myself don’t fully get why I do the things I do in the name of Christ. But maybe it’s when you encounter the living God, you act in revelation of who He is.

Maybe in this dimension we endure some suffering, but He gives perspective to the pain. So the good times are sweeter, and the bitter times make you better.

What better way to have life in its fullest measure?

Thinking of: Taking another shot at the God and Man Relationship conundrum.

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