Carpe Diem

“I refuse to live a life that has already been lived, to be a story already told.”

The Last Arrow by Erwin McManus is a passionate reminder that each moment we have is not just precious but purposed. The temporary is laced with the eternal through our decisions. Many of us live avoiding death. That’s not the same as pursuing life.

It pisses God off when we act below our capacity. There’s a reason He left our lives open ended rather than telling us EXACTLY what we should do every single moment of every single day. It is we that define how we spend it by trusting fully in an unlimited God. You will be hard pressed to find in scripture a time when God was upset with someone who had too much faith, too much resolve, too much determination.

Our past has a tendency to make us wary of our future. We can be bound to relationships, thoughts or ideologies that hold us back and that’s why sometimes we need to set our past on fire and not look back.

How many times have we been presented with the opportunity to chase our dreams or been invited to an extraordinary adventure that exists only in our imagination only to let it slip away?

Sometimes we know what we have to do, we don’t need to pray about it because we already know the answer, what we lack is courage and conviction to move forward. The greatest mistake we can make is to try to control what we cannot while relinquishing control over what we can affect and change.

Life is not meant for observation, refuse to sit on the sidelines. You have to want your adventure.

Want everything God has for you. Want more than what others think you can obtain. God is not less than who He was yesterday.

Where is our urgency? When it comes to life, you need to act as if your life and the lives of others depends on it. Have we invited along the right people on our journey, where is our squad? Our tribe? Our gang? Know that the future God wants for you will never come at the expense of the people He brings into your life.

What I’ve taken away from this book is my weaknesses will not define how I live. I won’t stop pursuing my dreams relentlessly and intentionally. I’m going to be faithful with the little and grow in the big.

God is doing a new thing in my life today, I choose to perceive it. He has my heart and I trust the desires I have to be aligned with His. I am not afraid that He won’t come through or that my faith will be shattered by prayers too impossible. I’m not protecting God by my limited mindset.

I am not saving anything for the next life. Because this one is worth fighting for.

Thinking of: Bringing urgency to that which matters most

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