The year is coming to an end. December is in a few days, then it’ll be 2019.

This year, I did a lot of big, bold things. I also did a lot of small, seemingly unimportant things. Seemingly unimportant but just as significant. It’s the things we don’t find on social media because who wants to see a picture of you struggling to have a consistent morning routine?

There is so much purpose attached to the daily grind but it is often eclipsed by hard work, failure and tenacity, making it a little unattractive.

Showing up. Doing the work. Stuffing up. Sticking it out. Staying the course. Enduring. Persevering.

It’s being faithful in what is common but necessary that leads us to the epic moments to be proud of.

We ask for the fruit but more oft than not, we’re given the seeds.

-Ps Ryan

Jesus values each of us as seeds, believing in our potential to flourish into gardens of Edens long before our radicles show.

“Do not despise these small beginnings,

for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin”

Zech 4:10

Thinking of: Jungkook’s Paper Hearts, Burn the Stage and how confidence, not conceit will win the hearts of your audience.

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