“But Who Prays For Satan

Who in eighteen centuries, has had the common humanity to pray for the one sinner that needed it most?”

Mark Twain

That was a quote by Mark Twain that a friend sent to me today, asking my thoughts on it.

In short. No.

I don’t believe we should pray for satan at all. Especially not for him to “turn around”.

  1. Satan’s end has already been predestined (Rev 20:10). Since God has willed it and it is written in Scripture, prayer in the opposite direction just seems counter-productive.

  2. The devil is not human. Scriptures teaching us to share the gospel, praying for salvation, baptising and making disciples are not applicable to demons, angels or animals. Sorry, Whiskers.

  3. He’s like Global Public Enemy Number One. He has not had our best interest at heart from day one in the garden, he doesn’t have it now, and he is foretold as trying to lead the world astray until his very end.

  4. Trust God’s final call. God is love. Because He is the author and embodiment of love itself, He loves better than we ever will. The Bible talks about how God cares even for the grass on the field, the single flower or lone bird. So knowing His character, He definitely did all He could to love and preserve all of His creations, including those outside the circle of humankind.

When you pray for satan to be saved, you pray against God’s will, you glorify what is meant to submit to you and you prove you don’t trust God’s wisdom above your own that is limited and finite.

I would suggest, before anyone tries to save satan, maybe save a friend; before praying for satan, pray for a friend.

Just my thoughts.

Also, do we really need to feel bad for satan? I mean this guy was in the Garden of Eden, a sinless place, he dwelt in the tangible presence of God and had conversations with Him (about attacking humans, but still), he spoke to Jesus multiple times and yet, even in such close proximity with God Himself, satan shows no remorse. If anything, his evil nature is repeatedly showcased as he plots to destroy every single thing God loves.

Idk. You tell me if this guy is a lost cause.

Thinking of: Chicken.

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