I have often visualised my life in parts through seasons.

There are times sunny and bright, some felt like a dry and desert land, others an abyss of darkness, I’ve had amazing mountain experiences and still others like the harshest winter (which is funny because Malaysia is totally tropical the island breeze). 

Anyone who has lived long enough will tell you the good parts of life seem to flit away quickly and the tough days are like house guests that just won’t leave.

Which is why I always aim to prolong the good times and fast-forward past the “Can’t wait till this is over so I can get back to normal” times. 

(Don’t get me wrong. It’s not always an extreme, sometimes it’s a good day but there’s a fly in the ointment.)

But you know, maybe it isn’t always about getting out of today’s hardship to enjoy a well-deserved better tomorrow.

Maybe it’s that the diem to carpe is now.

This one that’s frustrating, this one that is challenging, this one mentally, emotionally & physically stretching; this one pushing the limits of patience; this one in the present…is the best one.

This day given me; this season given me – is pleasant

The land You have given me is a pleasant land (Psalm 16:6) [emphasis mine]

Tomorrow will also be good; the battles you will conquer, the places you will go, because you will do all those things.

You know you are going places because God has promised to be your guide, He will not guide you if there is no where to guide. No one turns on the GPS to find a destination they have already arrived to. So this isn’t ‘it’ for you, don’t doubt that there is something ahead for you that is good in your journey.

But right now. Right now what you already have, is pleasant.

This is the day He has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.

What a wonderful inheritance! And who knows, in time we would all become seasoned veterans in our seasons, able to season other peoples’ seasons with the right seasoning lols eyy

Side note: New video out! My first k-drama review

Thinking of: Fuyu Yasumi, That 70’s show, Hillsongs’ Seasons and bills, bills, bills.

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